Study Meetings

Our study grove meets on the last Friday of every month* from 7-9pm at Essential Elements in the "sitting room" at the front of the store.  Essential Elements is located at 3135 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland.  (See the interactive Google map below.)  Their phone number is 503-231-2831.  We gather to discuss elements of interest in the organization, topics of Druidic or general pagan interest, for rituals, arts & crafts, and much more!  These meetings are open to anyone for free.  Small donations are accepted, but not required, in order for our grove to meet small expenses such as room rentals, office supplies and services, festival booth fees, etc.

*Please see the Meeting Schedule below for dates and times, as these may be adjusted for holidays or other events.

Meeting Schedule

This year we will begin a series of lessons called Ancient Symbols, Modern Rites: A Core Order of Ritual Tutorial for Ar nDraiocht Fein.  Each month we will cover two of the lesson modules.  This tutorial leads the student through the COoR, with a series of discussions and exercises which explores each step in depth including it's history, it's function in the ritual, and some suggested techniques.  (For those working on their Dedicant Program, rites developed using this tutorial will count as "ADF-style" for the DP requirements.)

This material is of interest whether you are a member of ADF or not.  The ritual steps are presented in regards to both general Neopagan rituals and ADF rites and therefore are a powerful learning tool.  So, please come, "newbies"!  The COoR is explored as a basis for pagan spirituality and you will also get to meet us and learn some of our philosophies and practices, in both an ADF Druid sense and as a general Neopagan.

Please keep checking this meeting schedule as topics may change in order to accommodate special guests or programs as they come up, and other miscellaneous adjustments.

  • January 29 - Introduction; Step 1: Initiating the Rite
  • February 26 - Step 2: Purification; Step 3: Honoring the Earth Mother
  • March 26 - Step 4: Statement of Purpose; Step 5: (Re)Creating the Cosmos
  • April 30 - Step 6: Opening the Gate(s); Step 7: Inviting the Three Kindreds
  • May 28 - Cancelled due to Illness
  • June  18 - Step 8: Key Offerings; Step 9: Prayer of Sacrifice
  • July 30 - Step 10: Omen; Step 11: Calling (asking) for the Blessings
  • August 27 - Step 12: Hallowing the Blessing; Step 13: Affirmation of the Blessing
  • September 24 - Step 14: Workings (if any); Step 15: Thanking the Beings
  • October 29 - Step 16: Closing the Gate(s); Step 17: Thanking the Earth Mother
  • November 19 - Step 18: Closing the Rite; Supplementary Materials {Note: This is a week earlier due to the holidays.)
  • December 17 - TBD {Note: This is a week earlier due to the holidays.)

We will not be able to provide copies at the meetings.  Please print and read or study online the relevant sections before it's scheduled meeting.

You can view and download the book by clicking here.

An important thing to keep in mind when attending any of our study groups, including these, is that our study meetings are shared conversations, not a teacher/student scenario.  While meetings may have a facilitator, this person is merely there to keep the meeting on-topic and on-time.  We are all leaders in different areas, and we gather to share our wisdom with one another.  Please come prepared to participate, as well as to listen.