The schedule for 2010 has been posted with subject matter, etc.  Check this page and mark up those calendars.  (Also double check it from time to time as topics may change).  Also added is an interactive map to Essential Elements.  Is that cool or what?
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Be sure to check out the new articles that have been added to the Articles page.  These include the very informative "Neopagan Druidry", "Q and A about ADF", "The Vision of ADF" and "What Do Neopagan Druids Believe?"  These articles are a great read if you want to know about ADF.  So read them yourselves and be sure to refer your friends!
Be sure to check out the new page "Articles".  This page is an RSS feed from which will automatically display new articles as they post them to our "mother" site.  Pretty cool, eh?
Huzzah to us!  Our protogrove was born (announced) on September 18, 2009, at 8:26 am.  Now we just need to find an astrologer to get a horoscope on our new "baby".  :-)