Fundraising for Coho Cloud

Having a protogrove means expenses such as room rentals, office supplies and services, festival booth fees, etc.  Expenses means fundraising, a sometimes exhausting task, but we have these simple tools that help put the "fun" in "fundraising".

Amazon "AStore"

Amazon has an affiliate program where associates can build what is called an AStore.  This boutique-style portal is an entry into Amazon's vast offerings which includes books, of course, and any purchases made through these links nets a small commission for our protogrove.  There is even a section for Dedicant & Recommended Reading.  So, please use our button to the left for all of your Amazon purchases, and encourage friends and family to do the same.  You can also go directly to Amazon by clicking the button at the bottom of nearly every page.

Powell's Books

We know what you PDXers are thinking...."What if I don't want to shop at some corporate hugeness?  Can't I shop at something a little more local?"  In fact, yes you can!  We have also partnered with Powell's Books online at  Every time you shop at Powell's online we receive a 7.5% commission on your entire purchase!   Just click on the Powell's logo to the left whenever you shop at Powell's online and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  You can also click the button link at the bottom of almost every page.