The ADF Dedicant Program study group

This year we are excited to begin the ADF study guide to the Dedicant Program The ADF Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year.  As the Introductions says, "The Dedicant Path is about walking your walk, and learning to walk at your own pace and in your own way.  We hope to show all our Dedicants not only how to write a book report, but also how to walk the Path that is in their heart. Indeed, if our Dedicants never write a book report, but they know how to walk the Path they wish to walk, then we have succeeded in our aims.....Since its first edition, this book has been about utilizing the requirements in the DP documentation to help the Path emerge for the seeker who needs structure and discipline in order to find their way. Each lesson is like a signpost, a blaze on a tree, or an arrow chalked onto a rock. The lessons mark paths you can take: paths full of knowledge, experimentation, and lore."

This structured working guide leads the student through 52 weekly exercises which include several additional resources which result in your completed required documentation, but it does more than that.  The student not only learns more about each subject but s/he learns more about themselves in the process leading to a deeper understanding and greater ease at applying the principles to his or her life.  No more floundering around approaching the DP haphazardly!  Instead you will be guided by a trusted ADF teacher, instead of "the blind leading the blind" of many study groups.  This curriculum instead gives a group direction and cohesiveness, inspiring each member morally, ethically, philosophically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, intuitively and creatively.  In short, in every area of one's life that one chooses to apply it to.

Once we nail down a location, the current plan is to meet every other week and to thus cover two of the sections each meeting.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at the curriculum:
  • Week 1 - Personal Religion and an Introduction
  • Week 2 - The First Oath
  • Week 3 - 1st High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 4 - 1st High Day recap
  • Week 5 - Nature Awareness 1
  • Week 6 - 1st book started: I-E Studies
  • Week 7 - Home Shrine
  • Week 8 - Meditation and Mental Training
  • Week 9 - 2nd High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 10 - 2nd High Day recap
  • Week 11 - The Two Powers 1
  • Week 12 - Ancestors, the Mighty Dead
  • Week 13 - The Nine Virtues: Wisdom
  • Week 14 - The Home Shrine (revisited)
  • Week 15 - The Nine Virtues: Piety
  • Week 16 - 3rd High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 17 - 3rd High Day recap
  • Week 18 - Personal Religion 1
  • Week 19 - The Dedicant Oath: 1st thoughts
  • Week 20 - The Nine Virtues: Vision
  • Week 21 - Nature Awareness 2
  • Week 22 - 4th High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 23 - 4th High Day recap
  • Week 24 - The Two Powers 2
  • Week 25 - The Nine Virtues: Courage
  • Week 26 - 2nd book started: Modern Paganism
  • Week 27 - The Nine Virtues: Integrity
  • Week 28 - 5th High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 29 - 5th High Day recap
  • Week 30 - The Two Powers: Final Essay
  • Week 31 - The Three Kindreds - Nature Spirits
  • Week 32 - Meditation Reflection: Final Essay
  • Week 33 - The Nine Virtues: Perseverance
  • Week 34 - Personal Religion 2
  • Week 35 - 6th High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 36 - 6th High Day recap
  • Week 37 - Home Shrine Revisited: Final Essay
  • Week 38 - The Nine Virtues: Hospitality
  • Week 39 - Nature Awareness: Final Essay
  • Week 40 - 3rd book started: Hearth Culture
  • Week 41 - 7th High Holy Day: an explanation
  • Week 42 - 7th High Day recap
  • Week 43 - The Three Kindred: Deities
  • Week 44 - The Nine Virtues: Moderation
  • Week 45 - The Nine Virtues - Fertility
  • Week 46 - The Three Kindred: Final Essays
  • Week 47 - Personal Religion essay & Book Reports
  • Week 48 - The Dedicant Oath
  • Week 49 - 8th Holy Day & Dedicant Oath Rite
  • Week 50 - 8th High Day & Dedicant Oath Rite recap
  • Week 51 - Creating a Plan for Living Your Druidism
  • Week 52 - Final recap, Submission, the Road Ahead
As you can see, a veritable plethora of subjects are examined, therefore, this meeting is for ADF members whether you are working on your DP or not.  Newcomers are also welcomed as we explore important ADF philosophies and practices and will also have a chance to meet and get to know us.

Watch this space for the announcement of days, time, and location which are coming soon.

We will not be able to provide copies at the meetings.  Please print and read or study online the relevant sections before it's scheduled meeting.

The ADF Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year can be viewed and downloaded at

Recently, ADF published it's 4th edition of the Dedicant Program.  However, this guide works off of the previous 3rd edition.  This manual can be viewed as web pages at or can be downloaded and printed at

Since knowing and applying the Nine Virtues to our lives is so important, we will also use an additional resource A Virtuous Life: The Nine Virtues of ADF in conjunction with the appropriate lesson.  This packet can be downloaded and printed at

An important thing to keep in mind when attending any of our study groups, including these, is that our study meetings are shared conversations, not a teacher/student scenario.  While meetings may have a facilitator, this person is merely there to keep the meeting on-topic and on-time.  We are all leaders in different areas, and we gather to share our wisdom with one another.  Please come prepared to participate, as well as to listen.

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